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Who We Are

Company profile
The ilmaa pure is a brand owned by Alfio Nicotra, based in Malta.

Mr. Alfio Nicotra is a company with over 20 years of experience designing water purification systems for all kinds of waters (brackish, seawater, spring water, water reservoirs, wells, tap-water and more) into potable drinking water.
The ilmaa pure brand is a collection of water filtration systems for the production of potable water in domestic and professional settings.

We have 15 years experience in the design of renewable energy plants.
Through our comprehensive services in planning, project planning and installation through to turnkey handover, we are the right partner for private, public and commercial end customers.

The sun's energy opens up economic, but above all, ecological perspectives. Take advantage of the opportunity to invest your future-oriented activities in a clean, sustainable and profitable solar energy. Contact us for more information on how you can benefit.

+356 77 77 56 58

ilmaa pure

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