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Office line FC700

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FC700 RO S table top cooler 2-way cold, hot, ambient* with Reverse Osmosis

Cabinet made of ABS, side panels made of iron with baked-on paint finish. Tank is made of food grade plastic material. Cold water tank is made of AISI-304 stainless steel with double floating valve and air suction filter. Hot water tank made of AISI-304 stainless steel. Cooling compressor from LG. Water is heated by means of an electrical resistance. Hydraulic connections are made of plastic and stainless steel. Adjustable cold water thermostat. Safety hot water thermostat.

* Antibacterial output protector plastic made. Replaceable and washable.
* Water production at room temperature.
* Security system for hot water to avoid children manipulation. warning label included.
* Cold water tank with large capacity. Made of stainless steel.
* Reverse osmosis system with pump for higher production.

Product specifications
* Cold water temperature: 2-15 ºC.
* Hot water temperature: 80-85 ºC.
* Min. working pressure: 2 bar.
* Max. working pressure: 7 bar.
* Refrigerant for compressor: R-134 a.
* Working voltage: 220-240 VAC/50-60 Hz.
* Please, ask for other connectors, voltages and power frequencies.
* Cooling capacity: 5lt./h.
* Heating capacity: 7lt./h.
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