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ilmaa pure the innovative water purifier for the whole family
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ilmaa pure reverse osmosis water purification is the best investment you will make in the health and well-being of your family. With over thirty year’s expertise in reverse osmosis drinking water systems, our unique design features makes for easy installation and reliable operation.

ilmaa pure is the most advanced home water systems in the world. Our price for reverse osmosis drinking water filters is amongst the best you will find.
Quality water for quality life. The response of ilmaa pure has been incredibly successful. Why pay more? Get water from the source and save money.
Purifies water from all sources, including bore holes, overhead storage tank, water well, cisterns and more.

The most complete Purification process!

ilmaa pure Reverse osmosis filtration is an outstanding method of water protection that can reduce up to 99% of thousands of harmful water contaminants.

What’s new or different in ilmaa pure system?

1. The ilma pure purifiers are tailor-made based on the quality of the water where they are installed
2. Ilmaa pure water purifiers are produced and adapted to the space that you have available
3. We use certified high quality safe materials
4. We offer personalized advice to our customers
5. We deliver and install the products to your home, office, or other desired location
6. Ilmaa pure does not abandon you! We provide the technical assistance and maintenance required to keep your system running optimally
7. With us you can decide whether to buy or rent your ilmaa pure purifier
8. We offer financial assistance to both individuals and professionals who wish to purchase our products through monthly installments

ilmaa drinking water purifier is a reverse osmosis process with post osmosis remineralization treatment, to guarantee high quality mineral water to the consumer.


  • Direct flow 80 lt./h
  • Electronic control unit:  control on every phase of operation but above all a quality control on the water supplied.
  • Auto flushing of the membrane after a prolonged inactivity
  • Abatement average: > 99%
9 Stage Reverse Osmosis
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ilmaa pure

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