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ilmaa RO6 T-M100 UV.Pluss

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ilmaa RO6T
Mod.100 UV
ilmaa reverse osmosis, system with 6 stage of purification with tank, pump and UV
3 housing 10'' white (polypropylene pre-filter 5 micron) + carbon block cartridge +RO membrane TFC 1812 - 100 GPD + carbon block cartridge 10 micron + in line Remineralizer + UV system

Full description
1. Stage Filter Melt blown polypropylene cartridge- 5 micron (reduces and removes the water turbidity and suspended material with micro rating 5)
2. Stage Filter Carbon block 10 micron
3. Stage membrane TFC 1812 - 100 GPD
4. Stage Filter Carbon block 10 micron
5. Stage Filter remineralizer PH adjustment in line filter coconut (GAC)
Postfilter for osmosis composed from: 40% Calcite + 40% carbon GAC + 20% magnesium Corosex® Proportion that releases the filter 2:1 (2x calcite / 1 x corosex)
6. UV System
The high germicidal power of this wave length must be sought in DNA and in the link of its fundamental components (nucleotids). DNA is a macromolecule present in all living organisms in which all information necessary for life and reproduction reside. The alteration, induced by the UV-C irradiation, of some chemical links present among nucleotids is able to change the information contained and conveyed by DNA, these alterations prevent its normal activity and this irreversibly leads to the cellular death.

In nature the UV-C rays are part of the secondary cosmic irradiation which, interacting with the high strata of the terrestrial atmosphere, generates ozone and with a lower energy, it reaches ground as tanning UV(A+B) irradiation. Artificially UV-C rays are produced with the help of special fluorescent lamps containing mercury fumes, these lamps are made of a very pure quartz (>99.99% SiO2) transparent to the UV-C light which they emit in an almost monochromatic form (>95% of Ć = 254nm).

Among the several advantages offered by this kind of technology we mention:
- environmental treatment (without addition of chemicals, without alteration of taste)
- no danger of over-dosing and no alteration of the characteristic of water
- quick action (without any stocking tank) the time is the one of passing through the sterilizer
- compatibility with the other technologies (filtration, softening, etc) for a complete treatment of water
- cheapness and practicalness thanks to the low consumption of electrical energy and to the little required servicing.

Point of entry(POE) in the home or industry, point of use(POU) for water purifiers such as reverse osmosis, microfiltration, drinking water, food processing such as dairy companies, restaurants, beer factories and bakeries, medical, industrial processing, aquarium, swimming pool units, aquaculture, laboratories.

Technical features:
* With out pump HxLxP: 400x140x150 mm.
* Tank diameter x H.: 260x400 mm., Tankpac NSF approved.
* Input temperature(MAX.~MIN.): 40°C~2°C
* Input TDS(MAX.): 2.000ppm
* With pump input pressure(MAX.~MIN.): 1~2,5bar
* Nominal production: 350 LPD
* Membrane: 1x1812 100 GPD = 350 lt./d.
* Max. water storage: 9 liters (precharged tank @ 7PSI or 0,5 bar)
* Power supply. 220-240V. 50Hz. 30W.
* Electrical: 100-240V. 50Hz./24Vdc 1A. UL, TUV approved.

* Chrome faucet.
* Includes restrictor with manual flushing valve.
* Includes check-valve in osmotised water production.
* Drain connection kit.
* Wall adaptor and ball valve for input water.
* Housing wrech.
* Tube 1/4''.

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