ilmaa 600/800 - ilmaapure Water Purifier

ilmaa pure the innovative water purifier for the whole family
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ilmaa 600/800

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Ilmaa 600/800 PRO
9 Stage Reverse Osmosis, Remineralizer and UV System, electronic water quality controller
* Nominal output: 90-105 l/h. - 2100 lt/d<y version with 2 membranes 300 GPD Tot.360 GPD
* Nominal output: 120-135 l/h.-2880 lt/day version with 2 membranes 400GPD Tot. 800 GPD
* Systems with higher production capacity, are available on request

Electronic control unit
Control on every phase of operation but above all a quality control on the water supplied, to ensure absolute safety and to protect your health.

Auto flushing of the membrane after a prolonged inactivity.

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ilmaa pure

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