050015-43 GX250 - ilmaapure Water Purifier

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050015-43 GX250

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ilmaapure  Water Purifier 360R-050015-43

Mod. CX250 Still Water
Direct flow R.O. 1-way faucet vane pump Motor air cooling 180 GPD Glossy White

* 2x Ionicore 2012 membranes from or 180GPD Made in USA
Prefiltration "Mata system"
* 1 x Sediment in line filter  5 micron
* 1 x Housing + SCBC-10 silver Carbon Block cartridge  
* 1x In-line filter sediment 2,5 "x 12" - 5 microns
* 1x In-line carbon block filter 2,5" x 12" - 5 microns
* Regulator (TDS minerals outgoing) in accordance with your needs and taste.
* Production of carbonated water: 1 liter/min. (Version 2-way)
* Water temperature: delivers water at room temperature only.
* Engine (optional): Water cooling or air cooling
* Pump (optional): PA304 Fluid-o-Tech rotary vane pump 300lt/h high pressure brass or booster pump.
* Working pressure: 8-12 bar
* Power supply: 230V-50Hz
* Abatement average:> 95%
* Dimensions (cm): H 45 x W 10,8 x D 42

* 1-way faucet
* Installation kit

Full description
Osmosis is a natural phenomenon for which a lean solution of mineral salts passes through a semipermeable membrane to go into another solution in order to dilute a greater salt concentration. By applying reverse pressure to this process you get REVERSE OSMOSIS: by forcing a solution with high concentration of minerals against a special membrane, you will get PURE WATER. Due to its structure and properties the membrane retains almost completely dissolved salts, heavy metals, pollutants, bacteria and viruses but leaving the water to pass through in all its genuine purity. The water thus obtained has the property to cleanse the body by removing toxins, and its high draining property makes it not only diuretic but also able to dissolve fats and lipids thus keeping an healthy body and a fresh and glowing skin. The Reverse Osmosis is therefore the water purification system most safe and most widespread in the world; in addition to the basic reliability of the process, other advantages are represented by the simplicity of assembly, by the low cost of operation and by the total absence of chemical products. The osmotic process is able to remove from water all impurities and pollutants harmful to health. The pure water obtained from this process is the ideal solution for home usage and food consumption as its unique filtration system is a safety barrier against different pollutants in aquifers. The purification system for reverse osmosis is formed by components of the absolute high quality level. It’s a product that is normally designed for professional use, but in this case was designed and configured for home usage.
D.M.25 of the 07.February.12, D.M. 174 of the 06.April.04 Italian Ministry Certified.

SCBC-10 silver Carbon Block cartridge  - making it bacteriostatic so it remains hygienic for longer. Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon combines the special advantages of two technologies into one product. Silver and activated carbon together make an ideal bacteriostatic water filter media bed. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The cartridge fits standard 10 inch housings for counter top and under counter water purifiers. The unique structure enables it to reduce Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma cysts and fine sediment particles down to 0.5 microns. Removes Chlorine Taste and Odor, Pesticides, Organics, THM's(Trihalomethanes) & HAA5's(Haloacetic Acids). The SCBC10 activated carbon filter works by adsorption and physical screening of contaminants. The carbon adsorbs contaminants by collecting organic molecules and other substances on its porous surface. Carbon block filters consist of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency.

The reverse osmosis is not a device that makes water drinkable (non-drinkable water into drinkable water) and it works only if it's installed on water which complies with the law, municipal potable water or well water if previously made drinkable with adequate and effective systems, preventively studied and personalized for that kind of water.

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